Frequently Asked Questions

HIYAAKS INC with a vast network of independent truckers and auto carrier companies, ensuring that you get the best and safest driver for the job. The vehicle transport company that we assign to your order is required by law to have cargo insurance in place that covers your vehicle. We complete our due diligence before every order is assigned, checking and verifying whether the policy is active and valid. Rest assured, your car will be fully covered for its journey when you book with HIYAAKS INC. We also carry a contingent cargo policy for $250,000, just in case a carrier’s policy is canceled while your vehicle is on their truck.

When determining your car shipping cost, there are a few factors that we take into account in order to provide you with an accurate price quote. The mileage between the origin and destination is the biggest factor that contributes to your total rate. In addition to the distance of your relocation, another factor is the type and condition of the vehicle being shipped. The final factor is the date that your vehicle will be ready for transport. There are also additional options, such as enclosed carrier and top-load service that can be added to your shipment at the time of booking for a higher level of service.

We accept all major credit cards, electronic transfer, postal money order, and bank/certified check for the deposit or full pre-payment of your shipment. If a balance is due upon delivery, it can be paid directly to the driver and can be paid in either cash, bank/certified check, or postal money order.

Yes, you can pay the full transport cost via credit card. If you want to pay in full online. A 4% processing fee is added, you can do so at the time of booking either online or by phone with a shipping agent. With this option, you can make a convenient, one-time payment with a credit or debit card. You also have the option of paying a deposit with your credit card and then paying the rest of your remaining balance with cash upon delivery.

This is one of the most common questions on our auto transport FAQ. Anything you pack in your vehicle should be locked securely in the trunk or back seat below the window line and cannot exceed 125 pounds in total weight. Keep in mind that YOU are responsible for anything you have packed in your vehicle, including any insurance coverage.

YES! It is important for you or an individual above the age of 18 you designate to be present at both the pick-up and delivery points. You need to inspect your vehicle(s) carefully at BOTH points of the transport process. Unless you make note of any damage or flaws in the car that exist pre- and post-delivery, you do not have a basis for a damage claim. Always ask the carrier for a copy of the inspection report (BOL) ON PICKUP AND DELIVERY.

Although shipping times depend on the individual transporters, some typical times are: 7-10 days Coast-to-Coast, 3-6 days North/South, 4-7 days Midwest to Coast. Weather conditions, mechanical breakdowns and other factors can create delays. We will always keep you in the loop when we have any information regarding a delay.

Your deposit is refunded only if you cancel your order more than two days in advance of the scheduled pick-up date if it is within the two day window a $99 cancellation fee will apply.

This is a somewhat misleading term in our industry. Door to door means the driver will get as close to your door as possible with a truck that could be up to 75’ long and with all the vehicles on it, weighing as much as 80,000 pounds. These trucks cannot fit down small streets or go into neighborhoods with low hanging tree branches that could damage vehicles on their truck. There are also weight limits and laws about parking these trucks on streets while loading and unloading vehicles. The driver will call you the day before pickup and delivery to arrange a meeting spot to safely load or unload your vehicle. The location will most likely be a large parking lot at a store or plaza near your address.

In the highly unlikely chance that your vehicle sustains damage in transport, you must be sure to note it on the Bill of lading and have the driver sign that form. Claims cannot be processed by the driver’s insurance company if damage is not noted at the time of delivery. We will also need pictures of any damage. HIYAAKS INC Employees are professionally trained to guide you through any claims processes.

Because of the extraordinary dimensions of some vehicles, (e.g., full-size SUVs, large pickup trucks, commercial vehicles) more room is needed to accommodate them on the carrier. Using room normally required for more than one passenger vehicle results in an oversize fee, this fee will be included in your quote. There will be no surprises!

The Bill of Lading serves as a receipt for your vehicle, and it represents the contract of carriage between you, the car shipping company, and the carrier. The driver will give you a copy of the Bill of Lading when the vehicle is picked up. Claims of damage at the destination will be based on the condition of your vehicle, as reported before it was transported.

The Bill of Lading is an important document for you. It must be signed by the driver and by you or your agent. It should show the name of the auto transport company, the origination contact, and location and to whom and where it is delivering, plus all pertinent telephone numbers. Review the Bill of Lading to make sure that the place of delivery is shown correctly. Check that the Bill of Lading contains the name, address, and telephone number where the car shipper or authorized agent can be notified of problems and possible delays while the vehicle is in transit. The Bill of Lading should also have the name, address, and telephone number of the carrier.

Leave only about a 1/4 tank of gas in the vehicle. A full tank of gasoline adds a lot of costly weight to the transport. We have an auto transport checklist that will give you some tips on preparing your car for auto transport.

Open car shipping carriers are similar to those you see transporting cars to and from dealerships. These carriers range in size and capacity. Vehicles that are shipped via an open carrier are exposed to inclement weather and road conditions. Enclosed auto transport carriers also range in size and capacity. Since these carriers are covered, the vehicles in transit are not exposed to weather or road conditions. Enclosed carriers are recommended for custom, antique, classic cars and High priced exotics. Enclosed auto transport is also more costly than the open carrier because of the high insurance policy.

Once you submit your order either online thru our secure portal or over the phone, the shipping of your vehicle will be scheduled according to the first available date on your shipping order. Ninety percent of our orders get assigned within one week of that date. Once assigned, the vehicle usually gets picked up in a day or two of the assigned ship date. We automatically email the customer when it gets assigned and then the car shipping driver calls your pickup contact. When the driver picks up your vehicle for car transport, he will do a detailed inspection of your vehicle on the Bill of Lading. You will both sign this form and receive a copy. The car shipping driver will call your destination contact from the road as he gets near the destination. The same Bill of Lading will be present on delivery so you can inspect the vehicle.

Costs are calculated according to the type of carrier you select (such as open or enclosed), vehicle type, shipping demand, distance and weather conditions.

You can contact the carrier directly for progress updates.

This quote is good For up to one week . However, HIYAAKS, Inc. reserves the right to adjust any quoted price based on market conditions. We will do our best to quote correctly the first time to ensure the best possible service. Once your quote expires you can just request a new one.

Occasionally the delivery process can be held up for various reasons. Listed below are a few reasons for possible delay of delivery. Uncontrollable factors such as mechanical breakdowns, unfavorable weather conditions, and traffic situations can also cause delays. The Department of Transportation regulations can also affect the delivery time. For instance, auto transport drivers are only allowed to drive a total of 500-600 miles per day. We are aware of how important your vehicle is to you and we will provide you with a realistic timeframe for delivery.

Over 90% of our car shipping orders ship inside of one week – anywhere from one to seven days – because about 90% of the U.S. population lives in a major metropolitan area. As one of the best car shipping companies around, we do our best to meet everyone’s requirements. That said, we cannot guarantee auto shipping pickups or delivery dates. Once assigned, the vehicle usually gets picked up in a day or two of the estimated ship date.

No. If your vehicle is leaking fluids it should be remedied prior to transport as it could cause damage to other vehicles if located above. Please ensure your vehicle is in good working order prior to shipping it.

No. The driver can use a winch to move your car on and off the carrier. However, this ships at a premium rate.

Yes. Carrier drivers are trained to handle a variety of vehicles, ranging from imports to exotics to classic cars.

A carrier is a company that has their own fleet of trucks. A carrier may also be an individual owner-operator with their own truck. A carrier will either work directly with you to ship your vehicle on their trucks or they’ll work with a broker. As a customer, you’ll be responsible to find these carriers yourself and to vet them out to verify they are a legitimate carrier.

Important Note on terminology: You will see terms such as “car transporter,” “auto transporter,” “auto hauler,” and “auto transport company” throughout our website and other transportation websites. They are all different terms for the same thing. They are all carriers which means they have their own trucks.

A broker does not own any trucks. A broker is a matchmaker, pairing customers with carriers. A broker is an expert in the industry that has access to a vast network of carriers to choose from when shipping your car. A broker does all the leg work for you to find a legitimate carrier to ship your car. A broker will make sure the carrier is reputable, reliable, and is licensed and fully insured.

We are a Licensed bonded and insured broker. One of the biggest advantages of working with a broker is that we get to choose the best carrier for your specific job. Whereas a carrier might try to force you to use the equipment or driver that they have available either delaying your shipment or increasing the cost.

Our team provides regular updates to our customers from the beginning of the transport process to the very end! Most updates are given through texts, emails or phone calls depending on our customers’ preferences. Our customers are also free to call, text, or email us anytime.

Yes. The driver will call you a couple hours prior to arrival for pick up and delivery to make arrangements.
You will also be given a 24-hour notice on pick up and delivery.

Yes! As a car carrier and licensed auto transport broker we provide liability and cargo insurance to cover your vehicle while it is being transported. However, you MUST have your personal vehicle insurance in place because we don’t cover Acts of God.

If you’re wondering what oversize vehicles are, we’re talking about cargo vans and XL trucks like 450s, 4500s, etc. but they also include trucks with dual rear wheels, long beds, large grill guards, ladder racks, utility boxes, small campers, lift kits (body or altered suspension) and oversized tires. When you book an order with us we’ll cover these details with you to confirm if your vehicle is oversized.

We currently only ship vehicles in the lower 48 and Alaska. We do not ship to Hawaii or overseas. We also don’t ship to Canada or Mexico. The best we can do is transport to a border town if that helps. We just cannot ship vehicles over the Canadian or Mexican borders.

You can book your shipment up to one (1) months in advance. But most shipments can be accommodated in a 2-4 day window prior to the earliest pick up date.